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Job Opening
Published on Tuesday, March 21, 2023


JOB Opportunity:  Local 74 Delaware City Refinery: Currently scheduled for April 2023.  The majority of the hiring will be the week of April 10th (Possibly sooner)


Please see the below information regarding pre-employment requirements at DCR…


  1. TWIC Cards (Transportation Workers Identification Credential) are 100% mandatory, and no “receipts” will be accepted.  This process can take some time to get, so if you have any members interested in working this outage that do not have their TWIC cards or require a renewal, please forward them the below link to get the process started.  (TSA suggests applicants apply a minimum of 60 days in advance)



  1. The second requirement is PSM/Built Rite.  This needs to be current for the duration of the outage (approx. 6 Weeks).  In lieu of PSM/Built Rite, the Delaware City Refinery accepts an online safety certification through the Delaware Valley Safety Council called PetroChem+ This course has a $60.00 charge, paid by the member.  (THIS COURSE IS NOT ADMINISTERED BY LOCAL 74, AND OUR OFFICE STAFF CANNOT PROVIDE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.  FOR ANY ISSUES OR DIFFICULTIES IN CREATING AN ACCOUNT, YOUR MEMBER WILL HAVE TO DIRECTLY CONTACT THE DELAWARE VALLEY SAFETY COUNCIL FOR ANY HELP OUTSIDE THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED 856-422-3872)

Attached are the directions for enrolling in the online course.  Please following the instructions carefully.  Once completed, you will be able to print out your certification which you must have in your possession when hiring in





Some further basic but important info…


No beards are permitted… (mustaches not exceeding the lip corners are OK).

Safety Toe Shoes are required with a defined heel.

Two forms of ID.

Built Rite/PSM or PetroChem+ TWIC Card



You can contact Maria Klesin at the Union Hall 718-392-3420 when you have your required certification in hand so that she can include them with your BIO when emailing to the Delaware Local.  

Thank you.