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What is Organizing?

There are many aspects to Union organizing. Organizing brings non-represented workers in a particular craft into a union or, helps them to form a new union to represent them. Organizing also gives non-union companies the opportunity to benefit from what a union can offer.

Workers organize for various reasons. They seek to improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, and/or to create a better working environment. Organizing can be a lengthy process and there are many challenges that workers face when trying to unionize. Union organizers educate and guide these workers through the process of attaining union recognition. The National Labor Relations Act guarantees the rights of workers to seek union membership as well as other rights and protections. The National Labor Relations Board reviews charges to find merit in violations to those rights. It also oversees the election process whereby workers seek union recognition.

Organizing non-union contractors’ centers on educating them of the many advantages unions can offer. Some of these advantages include: access to a well-trained and highly skilled workforce always at the ready to fill their labor needs; a wage and benefit package that is standardized and administered for their workers by a labor/management guided fund administrator; and access to work opportunities only available to union contractors. Some non-union contractors may not see the advantages of being a union contractor and will choose to continue to exploit their employees. In such instances unions will use all the tools at their disposal to organize these contractors such as: picketing, leafleting, and exposing work, employment, and labor law violations.

Local 638 has been organizing Steamfitters in New York City and Long Island since 1884. As Local 638 was formed by immigrants seeking justice in the workplace and better lives for their families, we welcome all law abiding capable tradespeople no matter what race or ethnic background to our brotherhood. All we ask is that you are dedicated to your craft and loyal to your brothers and sisters in Local 638 and the union movement.

If you believe you have the skills, dedication and desire to become a Local 638 Steamfitter please contact our Organizing Department at (929) 208-4060, and ask for Julio or Johny.

If you would like more information about your rights and what the union movement can do for you please click here.

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