Political Action

SteamFitters 638

Political Action

Steamfitters Local 638 maintains an active presence in legislative and electoral politics at the federal, state and local levels. Local 638 supports legislation and candidates that promote good, union jobs and raise the wage, benefit and safety standards for both union and non-union workers in our industry. The union supports high-road job standards, economic growth and development, the transition to clean energy and practical rules and regulations to ensure that contractors compete on a fair playing field and are prevented from practicing wage theft, safety violations and other anti-worker measures that are prevalent in the underground economy.

The PAC screens, interviews and endorses candidates for office who have demonstrated a commitment to working people and an understanding of the priority issues that affect the jobs and livelihoods of Local 638’s large and diverse membership. Through endorsements, political contributions and the grassroots involvement of members on labor walks, door-to-door canvassing, phonebanks and rallies, we support politicians that promote a pro-worker agenda at every level of government.

We encourage and support our members to be active and involved at the political level in their communities. By providing political education, training, and leadership development, Local 638 has successfully mobilized members to participate in lobby days, rallies, Community Board and land use hearings, town halls and other public forums where members can develop strong relationships with their communities and elected officials, and demonstrate the value that labor brings to politics.

For information about upcoming PAC meetings and other ways to make Local 638’s voice heard in politics, speak with your Business Agent, attend a general membership meeting or contact the union hall directly.

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